Things to do in Inverloch

Embark on a journey to Inverloch, a hidden gem on the Victorian coastline, where the echoes of prehistoric times meet the tranquility of pristine beaches and a vibrant local scene. This idyllic seaside town, nestled under a two-hour drive from Melbourne along the Bass Strait coast, unfolds a tapestry of experiences that beckon the traveler seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Here is our list of top things to do in Inverloch.

Beach Bliss

Begin your exploration by immersing yourself in the beauty of Inverloch’s renowned beaches. Main Beach, a family-friendly haven, boasts golden sands and gentle waves, perfect for a leisurely day by the sea. For those seeking a more exhilarating experience, the nearby Inverloch Surf Beach presents fantastic waves, inviting surf enthusiasts to test their skills on the water.

But the coastal allure extends beyond these popular spots. Take a stroll along the calm waters of Anderson Inlet, a peaceful escape offering breathtaking views and a chance to witness the ebb and flow of the tides. Explore the playful rockpools at The Caves, a whimsical wonderland of marine life waiting to be discovered. Venture to Eagles Nest for stunning panoramic views that showcase the natural beauty of the region. If you’re up for a bit of a drive, the sandy dunes of Venus Bay offer a secluded and picturesque escape.

After a day of sun and surf, don’t forget to visit the Inverloch Life Saving Club kiosk. This establishment is not just a pitstop; it’s a culinary oasis offering a delightful array of coffees and afternoon snacks. Relax on the deck, breathe in the ocean air, and let the soothing atmosphere of Inverloch seep into your soul.

Inverloch rockpools

Nature’s Embrace

Inverloch is not merely a coastal retreat; it’s a haven surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, inviting you to explore its hidden trails and scenic vistas. Lace-up your walking shoes and embark on the George Bass Coastal Walk, a 7-kilometer trek that winds along cliff-tops from San Remo to Kilcunda. This journey not only provides invigorating exercise but also treats you to awe-inspiring views of the rugged coastline.

For a more leisurely stroll, consider the Screw Creek Nature Walk. Spanning 2 kilometers, this trail meanders through wetlands, offering glimpses of the inlet and surrounding hills. The Ayre Creek Walk, at 3.4 kilometers, is a gem for birdwatchers, with its accessibility for prams and wheelchairs making it a family-friendly option. The Inverloch Foreshore Walking Track, a 5-kilometer journey, promises stunning views of the inlet, providing a perfect opportunity for reflection and connection with nature.

On a sunny day, take a detour to The Caves, a remarkable rock formation along the beach. During low tide, these caves offer a unique perspective, a natural spectacle that captivates the imagination. Another must-see is the Bunurong Coastal Drive, a scenic route that unveils the coastal beauty, allowing you to absorb the breathtaking views of the ocean below.

The Caves at Inverloch

Dinosaur Discoveries

Inverloch’s charm extends beyond its contemporary offerings; it’s a place where the ancient whispers of dinosaurs can still be heard. Travel back 115-130 million years to a time when Australia was within the Antarctic Circle, and dinosaurs roamed freely across what is now the Bass Coast.

Inverloch has etched its place in paleontological history, with the discovery of over 20,000 dinosaur fossils in the last four decades. The region, once part of a wide river valley, now manifests as an intertidal rock shelf stretching from Inverloch to San Remo. Venture out equipped with tips on finding fossils, and you might uncover remnants of the majestic creatures that once called this land home.

Kongwak Market Adventure

If your visit aligns with a Sunday, a short 10-minute drive to Kongwak offers an opportunity to dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the Kongwak Market. Running from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, this market has earned a reputation for specializing in vintage, retro, and collectible items. Beyond the eclectic finds, the market also showcases an array of goods, from books and plants to fresh produce and pet products.

Wander through the stalls, taking in the unique offerings, all while being serenaded by local live music. Indulge in homemade food and beverages from local suppliers, and be sure to grab a hot coffee from independent roasters. The Kongwak Market is not just a marketplace; it’s a cultural experience that encapsulates the spirit of the region.

Vietnam Veterans Museum

A short 40-minute drive west from Inverloch leads you to the National Vietnam Veterans Museum. Founded and built by veterans with the purpose of supporting those returning from the Vietnam War, this museum stands as a testament to the sacrifices and experiences of local veterans.

Themed exhibitions, galleries, information, and artifacts paint a vivid picture of the challenges faced by those who served. The museum provides a solemn yet enlightening journey into a chapter of history that is both significant and often overlooked. Take the time to reflect on the stories of resilience and bravery that echo through the halls of this unique establishment.

unplug / yoga at the beach

Relaxation and Wellness

As the day’s adventures unfold, take a moment to pamper yourself with an invigorating wellness massage or spa treatment. Inverloch offers a range of options, from aromatherapy to hot stone massages, reiki, and Bowen therapy. Allow the skilled hands of experienced therapists to melt away any lingering tension, leaving you refreshed and ready for the next chapter of your Inverloch experience.

Phillip Island Excursion

Extend your exploration beyond Inverloch with a day trip to the renowned tourist destination, Phillip Island. Just a 40-minute drive away, this island offers a myriad of attractions, blending natural wonders with recreational activities and culinary delights.

Begin your journey with a visit to see the baby animals of Inverloch, a heartwarming experience that brings you closer to the region’s wildlife. The Grand Prix Circuit awaits motorsports enthusiasts, providing a thrilling dose of speed and excitement. As the day unfolds, explore the local eateries lining the Cowes foreshore, indulging in delectable treats and savoring the coastal ambiance.

But the crown jewel of Phillip Island is the Penguin Parade, a spectacle that draws visitors from around the globe. Witness the largest colony of Little Penguins as they make their way to shore each evening, a mesmerizing display of nature’s wonders. Allow the charm of these adorable creatures to captivate your heart as the sun sets over the Bass Coast.

Whale watching

Whale Watching Cruise

Venture to nearby Phillip Island for a unique marine adventure — a whale watching tour. Phillip Island is a hub for one of the greatest whale migrations in Victoria, offering you the chance to witness the majestic humpback whales, playful dolphins, and Australia’s largest breeding fur seal colony.

Embark on a cruise, where you can spot these marine wonders in all their glory. Enjoy the comfort of your seat onboard, complete with licensed food and drink options. Let the waves carry you on a journey of awe and discovery as the marine life unfolds before your eyes.

Inverloch Shell Museum

For a more grounded but equally fascinating experience, visit the Inverloch Shell Museum. With over 6,000 Victorian shell varieties on display, this museum showcases the diversity and beauty of the region’s marine life. Marvel at the intricate designs and vibrant colors of shells collected from the local shores.

Beyond the visual feast, the museum offers educational programs that cater to all ages. Engage in rock pooling sessions, join dinosaur digs to uncover hidden treasures, participate in astronomy lessons that unveil the mysteries of the night sky, or unleash your creativity in nature art classes. The Inverloch Shell Museum is a hub of learning and appreciation for the wonders of the natural world.

inverloch fishing

Fishing Fun

For those seeking a more hands-on connection with the coastal environment, Inverloch is a fishing haven. Its calm waters teem with a variety of fish, including mullet, King George whiting, flathead, salmon, and gummy shark. Whether you prefer casting your line from the beach or the jetty, or you fancy a more immersive experience by hiring a boat, Inverloch offers an angler’s paradise.

Explore the fishing hotspots around Anderson Inlet, Maher’s Landing, or Screw Creek. If you’re new to fishing, several fishing charters in the area provide guided tours and equipment hire, ensuring a memorable and successful day on the water. As the sun sets over the horizon, casting your line becomes not just a sport but a serene communion with nature.

Shopping Delights

Inverloch’s charm extends beyond its natural wonders to a thriving local scene. Explore the boutique shops and galleries that line the streets, each offering a unique selection of local art, handmade crafts, and curated treasures. These establishments are more than just shopping destinations; they are gateways to the creativity and craftsmanship of the local community.

Don’t miss the Inverloch Farmers’ Market, a monthly gathering held on the third Saturday. This market is a celebration of fresh produce and artisanal goods sourced from local artists, cooks, farmers, and suppliers. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, chat with the passionate vendors, and indulge in the flavors of the region.

See the Penguins

Cap off your Inverloch experience with a pilgrimage to one of the region’s most iconic attractions — the Penguin Parade on Phillip Island. Just 40 minutes from Inverloch, this nightly spectacle is a mesmerizing display of nature’s theater. As the sun dips below the horizon, witness the largest colony of Little Penguins emerging from the sea and waddling their way to the safety of their burrows.

Join the crowds on the viewing platforms or opt for a more intimate experience with guided ranger tours. Learn about the life cycle of these endearing creatures, their behaviors, and the conservation efforts in place to protect their habitat. It’s a heartwarming encounter that leaves a lasting imprint, reminding you of the delicate balance between human presence and the thriving wildlife of the Bass Coast.

Inverloch Unveiled

Inverloch is not just a destination; it’s a narrative woven with threads of history, nature, and community spirit. Whether you find yourself immersed in the echoes of dinosaurs, basking in the sun on pristine beaches, or savoring the local flavors at a bustling market, Inverloch offers a tapestry of experiences that linger in the heart.

As you leave this coastal haven, carry with you the stories of the land before time, the soothing rhythm of the waves, and the warm embrace of a community that welcomes you as one of its own. Inverloch, with its timeless charm and diverse offerings, invites you to explore, dine, and unwind — a journey that transcends the ordinary and leaves you with a treasure trove of memories.