Whale Watching in Gippsland: An Unforgettable Ocean Encounter

The Gippsland region is a coastal paradise, where nature’s majestic friends from the deep south make a seasonal appearance. Between May and November, the azure waters off Gippsland become a stage for a breathtaking spectacle as whales embark on their annual migration. Among the prime locations to witness this awe-inspiring journey is Eagles Nest, just a short 6-minute drive from the Beach House @ Inverloch, your ideal base for this marine adventure.

A Migration Like No Other

Gippsland’s coast is a welcome mat for these incredible travelers. As autumn descends, whales embark on their journey, either solo or in small pods of up to five, in search of warmer waters and favored breeding hotspots. The Gippsland coastline offers front-row seats to this remarkable phenomenon, and with just a 2-hour drive from Melbourne, you can join the celebration.

Where to Catch the Whale Show

The Gippsland region offers a range of vantage points for spotting these magnificent creatures. The most southerly point of mainland Australia, Wilsons Promontory, and the quaint maritime village of Port Albert are prime locations to witness humpback and southern right whales during their annual migration.

Further east, the Ninety Mile Beach and Lake Tyers Beach provide ideal viewing points to witness these giants of the sea as they journey north and south.

The Art of Whale Watching

For an optimal whale-watching experience, head to high vantage points and headlands. By observing their behavior and unique characteristics, you can distinguish between the southern right and humpback whales. Pay attention to the shape of the water spray from the blowhole, the fin and tail shapes, and the mesmerizing displays these creatures put on.

Following the Bass Coast Whale Discovery Trail

To enhance your whale-watching adventure, consider following the Bass Coast Whale Discovery Trail. This trail maps out some of the best viewing spots for whales, complete with informative signage to enrich your experience. The trail includes iconic locations like:

  • George Bass Coastal Walk
  • Cowes (Phillip Island)
  • Grossard Point (Phillip Island)
  • The Nobbies & Summerland (Phillip Island)
  • Pyramid Rock (Phillip Island)
  • Cape Woolamai (Phillip Island)
  • Punch Bowl Road, San Remo
  • Kilcunda
  • Harmers Haven
  • Cape Paterson First Surf
  • Eagles Nest, Inverloch

Eagles Nest in Inverloch is not only a prime viewing point for whale enthusiasts but also a serene coastal gem. With the Beach House @ Inverloch just a stone’s throw away, you can enjoy the ultimate convenience for your whale-watching adventure.

As the waves echo with the songs of these gentle giants, and the sight of their flukes graces the horizon, Gippsland welcomes you to a truly magical experience. So, pack your beanie and binoculars, and embark on a journey to witness one of nature’s most remarkable spectacles on the Gippsland coast.