The Umbilical Brothers – The Distraction

Are you caught in the mesmerizing gaze of screens, perhaps even staring at one right now? It might be time to step away from your digital world and immerse yourself in a show that redefines the boundaries of live performance. Prepare to be captivated by an enormous screen that takes center stage in “The Distraction” presented by The Umbilical Brothers.

The Umbilical Brothers have ingeniously fused the energy of live performance with the spectacle of cinema to create a one-of-a-kind show that unfolds simultaneously on the stage and on the big screen. It’s a theatrical experience like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and it promises to blow your mind in ways that you can’t even begin to anticipate. “The Distraction” is designed to feed your screen addiction in a way that’s both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The Umbilical Brothers are an international comedy sensation, renowned for their unique blend of mind-bending humor and physically demanding performances. Their comedic prowess has taken them to 40 countries, from sharing stadium stages with the likes of Robin Williams to supporting N*Sync. They’ve been recognized as two of Entertainment Weekly’s “100 Most Creative People in Entertainment” and have graced prestigious stages, from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to a performance after James Brown at Woodstock ’99 and even before the Queen of England.

Their global journey includes a year-long off-Broadway run that garnered critical acclaim from The New York Times, earning them a New York Drama Desk nomination. Awards and accolades, including a Helpmann for Comedy Performance of the Year and The Edinburgh Critic’s Choice Award, underscore their comedic genius. They’ve also received a couple of BAFTA awards, and younger fans may recognize them from their work on “The Upside Down Show,” created in collaboration with Sesame Workshop, which earned them an Emmy and a Logie.

The Umbilical Brothers have not merely pushed the boundaries of traditional theater; they’ve created an entirely new theatrical multiverse. Prepare to witness unbelievable human performances combined with mind-bending special effects wizardry that might feel so much like magic that you’ll be tempted to call for a witch hunt.

As Broadway World exclaims, “unlike any comedy show I’ve ever seen. It’s brilliant, clever, and very, very funny.” Meanwhile, Weekend Notes praises them as “BRILLIANT,” elevating entertainment to another level. “The show that’s so amazing, you may lose your head…10/10!” Stage Whispers underscores their mastery of special effects technology.

Prepare to be dazzled, amused, and utterly engaged by The Umbilical Brothers as they take the stage at the Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre, located just a short 10-minute drive from the coastal haven of Inverloch. This is an unmissable opportunity to experience comedy and special effects like never before. Don’t miss the chance to witness the groundbreaking brilliance of “The Distraction” – a show that will challenge your perceptions and leave you in awe.

Thursday 11 April 2024 8:00 PM – 9:20 PM

Wonthaggi Union Community Arts Centre – Theatre
96 Graham Street, Wonthaggi, VIC 3995

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