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Uncover the Mysteries of The Amazon Shipwreck

Learn about The Amazon shipwreck at the Inverloch Library these school holidays. Listen to an intriguing exploration into the history of the vessel and discover the captivating tale of The Amazon, a cargo ship that met its fate on the shores of Inverloch surf beach in 1863. This engaging activity is perfect for school-aged children.

Admission to this event is free, but tickets are required. Please ensure to register tickets for each supervising adult and participating child, as children must be actively supervised during their visit to the library.

As recounted in The Melbourne Argus newspaper, the Jersey-built barque AMAZON faced disaster near Cape Paterson, prompting the dispatch of HMCS Victoria to rescue the crew in late December 1863.

According to historical records, the barque set sail from Melbourne on December 12, 1863, bound for Mauritius with a precious cargo of salted meats. However, a fierce gale from the south arose during the night, leading the crew to reef the sails and heave the vessel to.

Despite valiant efforts, The Amazon began drifting towards the shore. By the morning of December 15, 1863, the vessel found itself grounded on a sandy beach, perilously close to cliffs one mile southwest of Andersons Inlet.

To prevent further damage, the fore and main masts were swiftly cut away, and the crew managed to reach shore and establish a makeshift camp.

Remarkably, the wreck lay undiscovered for eight days until Mr. Heales stumbled upon it while en route to Melbourne to celebrate Christmas with his family.

HMCS Victoria was promptly dispatched to rescue the stranded crew members.

On December 31, 1863, the vessel was put up for auction, its location described as one mile southwest of Andersons Inlet and eight miles east of Cape Paterson. Buried nine feet deep in the sand and lying broadside to the beach, the water in the hull reached the level of the lower deck beams.

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Wednesday, 3 Apr 2024 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

Inverloch Library
16 A Beckett Street
Inverloch, VIC 3996

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